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North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

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100% Free Consultation - Call or Email to Schedule a Consultation


Injured at Work? The Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Wallace Childers PLLC Will Fight for Your Rights

An on-the-job injury or exposure to disease-causing agents can cost you your mobility, your health, your income and your family’s future.

If you are the victim of a workplace injury, the burden is on you to prove the extent of your injuries and to demand fair compensation. You don’t want to risk relying on your employer or the insurance company to do the right thing. You need experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at your side to fight for you and your family.

Call the Charlotte-based attorneys at Wallace Childers PLLC today at 704-626-2900 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

We represent clients in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

Why Choose Wallace Childers PLLC?

  • We Fight for You. Each of our lawyers has at least 19 years of legal experience, and your case will be personally handled by one of them. While we represent injured workers, we also have deep experience working with employers and insurance companies. Our attorneys have extensive previous experience representing employers for Fortune 300 companies, governmental entities, and small businesses. This experience gives us unique insights when it comes to pursuing your case.
  • We Do It All. Not every work-related injury or illness falls exclusively under workers’ compensation laws. A third party is sometimes wholly or partially responsible for workplace injuries and you may need to sue for personal injury damages. Our attorneys are experienced in personal injury representation and litigation. No matter the basis for your claim, we do our best to be your aggressive advocate.
  • We Communicate With You. When you hire the attorneys at Wallace Childers PLLC as your workers’ compensation attorneys, you will receive our focused attention. We never leave you hanging.  We will return your calls within one business day, and usually within two hours.
  • We Understand Your Pain. Whether you are dealing with a catastrophic injury, vision or hearing loss, workplace disease or exposure, a repetitive use injury, the heartbreak from a work-related fatality, or any other workplace injury, we understand the life-altering nature of an on-the-job injury. We go out of our way to treat you and your family with compassion and respect.
  • We Offer Free Consultations. Every initial consultation with the law firm Wallace Childers PLLC is 100% free. Whether you have a question concerning a potential, current or past North Carolina or South Carolina workers’ compensation claim, we guarantee a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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