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Helping Public Transit Accident Victims

May 3, 2017 Personal Injury

When you take public transportation to get to work, school or anywhere else you need to go, you expect a reasonable level of safety and security as you make your trip. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. After an accident, you may need to seek compensation from the business or agency in charge of the bus, train, ferry or other public transit vehicle.

Common Accidents and Injuries on Public Transit

There are many reasons why a public transportation accident might occur. The following are some of the more common issues:

  • Collisions with objects or other vehicles: When a public transit vehicle crashes into another vehicle or an object (such as a light pole, curb or wall), it can lead to serious injuries for passengers—who almost never are wearing seatbelts. The negligence of the public transit operator or another driver is often the cause of these accidents.
  • Criminal action: While carriers cannot totally eliminate crime on public transit, there are steps they can take to provide a reasonably safe environment for passengers. A lack of security could breed crime and endanger passengers’ safety.
  • Slips and falls: Public transit agencies have a responsibility to quickly address any spills or other dangerous conditions on their premises, including at stops and on the vehicles themselves. A failure to do so could lead to serious slip-and-fall accidents.

The issues outlined above can result in significant injuries for passengers, including whiplash, lacerations, broken bones, torn ligaments, concussions, scarring and neck and back injuries, among many others.

Taking Legal Action Against a Public Agency

Many transit carriers are public agencies, which means the injury claim process works a little differently than it would if you were taking legal action against a private individual or entity. You may have a smaller window of time in which you may file a claim, and you’ll need to work through a process specific to civil claims against government agencies. This makes it imperative that you speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

Consult an experienced personal injury lawyer in North Carolina and South Carolina

To explore all your legal options after an accident on public transportation, speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney at Wallace Childers PLLC. Our experienced team of legal professionals serves individuals and families in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Please contact us today for an initial consultation.