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Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers for Swimming Pool Accidents

May 5, 2017 Personal Injury

With the warm weather we get to enjoy during the year, it’s no wonder why swimming pools are so popular here in the Carolinas. While pools can provide nearly limitless family fun, they can also be dangerous if pool owners do not take proper safety precautions to secure their premises and prevent accidents. Failing to protect others can result in serious injuries for both children and adults.

Negligence a Common Factor in Swimming Pool Accidents

While swimming pool accidents may occur for a variety of reasons, they are completely preventable in many cases. The following are some of the most common causes of these accidents:

  • Lack of supervision: There must be an adult present to supervise children around a swimming pool at all times. It takes only about five minutes of being submerged for a child to drown, and so leaving kids unattended for even a few minutes can be highly dangerous.
  • Poor security: Most local laws require property owners to secure their pools with fencing and locked gates that children cannot open. Owners could be liable if they do not have proper security in place and a child wanders into the pool area and suffers an injury.
  • Slippery surfaces: While water will inevitably get on the deck area around a pool, owners should install non-slip material on the deck to help prevent falls. Concrete is one of the worst surfaces to use around swimming pools, as it can get very slippery when wet.
  • Alcohol impairment: Consuming too much alcohol before jumping in a pool can also be quite dangerous. In fact, some estimates find that this alone is responsible for more than 70 percent of all swimming pool injuries that happen to adults. Laying out in the sun can also dehydrate a person, heightening the effects of intoxication.

In addition to private homes, many of these accidents occur at public swimming pools. The owners of these facilities, which often include government agencies, have a responsibility to prevent overcrowding, install “no diving” and other signage and staff certified lifeguards.

Regardless of who or what was at fault for your swimming pool accident, you may need to seek compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages and other damages. A personal injury attorney will help you explore all your legal options.

Consult a skilled Charlotte personal injury lawyer

To learn more about how you might take action after a swimming pool accident in North Carolina or South Carolina, work with the dedicated team of personal injury lawyers at Wallace Childers PLLC. For an initial consultation, please contact us today.