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Category: Wrongful Death

GM Reaches Settlement in Ignition Switch Cases

September 20, 2015 Personal Injury

After facing hundreds of lawsuits for its faulty ignition switches, GM has agreed to a massive settlement. This settlement will address the majority of the existing personal injury and wrongful death claims against the company. Almost 1400 personal injury and wrongful death cases will be settled under the to-be-determined terms. This comes […]

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Ziplines to be Regulated After Recent Deaths

July 20, 2015 Personal Injury

Two recent deaths in the region caught the attention of local lawmakers and resulted in North Carolina passing a new law to regulate the use of ziplines. H.B. 39 increases the civil and criminal penalties for violations pertaining to certain aerial amusement devices.  This includes ropes, pendulum swings, and the […]

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South Carolina Wrongful Death Lawsuits

July 17, 2015 Personal Injury

It is horrific having to lose a loved one at a young age or due to preventable circumstances; however, there is legal recourse one can take to help alleviate some of the financial burdens. This can be accomplished through wrongful death lawsuits. What is a Wrongful Death? Wrongful death acts […]

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